• Armed Trackers, Assembly of Panels, Cable Laying and Interconnection of panels in Photovoltaic Parks:
    • El Guajiro, Nopala, HGO – Assembly of Panels
    • San Ignacio, Mérida, YUC – Assembly of Panels and Trackers
    • Santiago, Villa de Arriaga, SLP – Assembly of Panels
    • Viborillas, Ojuelos, JAL – Trackers Assembly, Panel Assembly
    • La Orejana, Hermosillo, SON – Trackers Assembly, Panel Assembly
    • Santa Rosa, Nuevo Casas Grandes, CHIH – Armed trackers, panel mounting, Pavement and Interconnection, Seriado and Flanged
    • Potosí Solar, El Barril, Villa de Ramos, SLP. – Assembly of trackers, Assembly of Panels
    • Tuli&Helios, Majoma, Villa de Cos, ZAC. – Trackers Assembly, Panel Assembly
    • San Ignacio, Flamboyanes, Progreso, YUC. - Assembly of trackers, Assembly of panels
  • Manufacture of 72 metal Racks filter holders for Draexlmaier plant extraction systems, SLP, SLP.
  • Manufacturing, Supply and Installation of structure-pailer for protection of external load centers BMW plant SLP, Logistik Park , San Luis Potosí, SLP.
  • Despalme, polishing and improvement of buffer zone terrain Cummins Motores Plant, SLP, SLP.
  • Despalme, flush, excavation, and improvement of the land of Cells for the Sanitary Landfill, SLP, SLP.
  • Design, Calculation and Remediation Project of Inter-municipal Sanitary Landfill of the Huasteca (Aquismón, Tancanhuitz, Huehuetlán, Axtla y Xilitla), as well as design, calculation and conceptualization of Disposal Cells of RSU, SLP.
  • Design, Calculation, Project and Operation of Municipal Sanitary Landfill Remediation of San Luis Potosí, SLP, as well as design, calculation and construction of Disposal Cells of RSU.
  • Supervision of construction of Hydraulic, Sanitary and Pluvial Networks of the Fairground Morelia, Mich.
  • Supervision and assembly of structures for construction of the Vehicular Bridge of the FFCC, Morelia, Mich.
  • Supervision of networks and installations, Deep well drilling and equipment, Horseshoe section rain collector, office building Ayamonte Fractionation. Guadalajara, Jal.
  • Construction: 115 residential homes "Villas San Miguel", urbanization. Morelia, Mich.
  • Construction: 235 popular residential housing, urbanization, fractionation "San José de la Mina". Uruapan, Mich.
  • Construction: 2a. Stage (200 homes) fractionation "Doña Marina". Apizaco, Tlax.
  • Design of Aguas Negras plant, urbanization. Apizaco, Tlaxcala.
  • Supervision completion: 180 homes and urbanization, Momoxpan fractionation. Puebla, Pue.
  • Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant, CEPAMISA,. Morelia, Mich.
  • Design, Project and Construction of Hazardous Products Warehouse, MERITOR Plant. Querétaro, Qro.
  • Remodeling of 42 Bancrecer branches in Southeastern towns (Chiapas, Oaxaca) and of the Northeast (Monterrey, Reynosa, Saltillo), México, D. F.
  • Remodeling of 92 apartments owned by Bancrecer, Guanajuato, Gto.
  • Construction of 150 Bancrecer Branches. Veracruz, Chiapas, Guanajuato
  • Maintenance to 26 Bancrecer branches Chiapas region.

Relationship of Machinery and Construction Equipment

Type of Machinery Trademark
Backhoe 310K
Year 2014
John Deere
Backhoe 580 Super N
Year 2012
Backhoe EIT
Year 2007
Contractors 140 H
Year 2001
Year 2012
Excavator 320D
Year 2013
Shaping Motor 12H
Year 2014
Year 2017