Vending Machine and Bio-enzyme
Treatment Towel Female

Our service consists of vending machines and a special containers BAX femme in bailment, featuring grainy bioenzymes, made from natural products that neutralize the production of bacteria and germs.

What does it consist of?

The service is to place the required number of BAX femme's for collecting used towels, according to the number of health cubicles; and changing them according to census users, by BAX femme's clean and disinfected with a Bio-enzymatic new load.

    No need investment

  • The containers BAX femme are delivered in bailment. The service is paid monthly, which should not make any great outlay.
    Professional and Free Installation

  • A member of our team will be responsible for installation of the devices in a simple totally free.
    Ongoing Maintenance

  • Continuously replace their BAX femme's clean and disinfected units as agreed.
    Free Training

  • Visual aids and training to users at no cost.


  • Prevents jams, as throwing objects such as towels and tampons uncomfortable to the toilet causes breakdowns.
  • Avoid hand contact and the risk of cross-infection by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.
  • Recognition as a Socially Responsible and committed to environmental care company.
  • Good image and prestige of the facility. extra element to obtain certifications.
  • Safety and respect for users of health services.
  • Eliminates odors and perfumes the air.
  • Disinfection and cleaning units constantly.
Impact and benefits received by our customers:
  • Lowering the costs of disposal of hazardous and infectious biological wastes;
  • Reduced maintenance costs by clogging pipes;
  • Certification and recognition before as Socially Responsible Companies;
  • Socially Responsible to prevent cross in waste management and assist in the non-proliferation of diseases in the areas of contamination pepena companies;
  • Better use of recyclable materials to make a responsible separation thereof and waste;
  • We are a company discontinued because our service requires no special Manifests available due to the nature thereof;
  • The disposal of waste is done in special cells where there is no access, preventing contamination.


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