Organizational Psychology
Human Resources Outsourcing

We offer services for the entire employment and business cycle including systemic organizational psychology, neuropsychology, recruitment and selection, permanent and temporary recruitment, payroll administration, evaluation and reliability studies to employees, training and consulting.

In BAX Humanitas we create and offer services that allow our customers to successfully face the challenges of the changing world of work.
In BAX Humanitas focus on our task to increase productivity by improving the quality and efficiency of enterprises through the most important human capital.

Our Values

Over the years, we have based our work on the following corporate values, to achieve excellence in all our services:

- Respect:
Show respect for the rights and dignity of all persons and organizations being honored, just and compassionate.
- Responsibility:
Be responsible for our actions and be consistent with what we say and do.
- Honesty:
Communicate honestly with our colleagues, partners, investors, customers, suppliers, governments and communities in which we work.
- Integrity:
Acting with integrity by showing courage and strength of character to do the right thing, even when it is difficult or is not popular.