Ventilation, Filtration and
Filters Supply

Our objective is to provide innovative solutions in filtration and professional service in the distribution of filters for air, services and different products; with emphasis on health, the environment and savings.

In BAX Lean we provide a punctual service with services and products of the highest quality, seeking to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring your total satisfaction.
In BAX Lean we seek that the Maintenance of the Ventilation and Filtration systems avoid damages in and delays to production and the environment, fostering a culture of High Efficiency, Reliability and a Clean World.
Our specialty:
  • Spare parts and parts;
  • Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance electromechanical own all plant equipment;
  • Supply of filters and supplies;
  • Infrastructure maintenance;
  • Specialized and customized services with In Situ staff.