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Chemical Administration, Water Treatment & Waste Management



Asset Maintenance and Industrial Maintenance

About Us

In the Grupo HBAX we are committed to society and the environment. We are committed to provide a punctual service with the highest quality products, searching in each case, meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring total satisfaction. We promote recycling, assembly and reduction, clean energies, water treatment, control and classification of products that avoid damage to the environment and the health of users, always encouraging the Culture of a Clean Mexico and a Better World.

Mission, Vision and Values




We are a business group committed to the service, providing solutions based on reliability, time we improve the environment, health and the mechanical, operational and productive performance of our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees.

  • Improve the quality of life of our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees by providing products and services of advanced technology and innovation. Improving, within a framework of social responsibility that respects the ethical and ecological principles of our community.

  • To be recognized as a leading and vanguardist business group in our different areas, maintaining high quality standards.

  • Being a generator of human and professional talent that encourages the growth and constant evolution of our people.

  • Being a group of constant growth that can create the value expected by the shareholders.

Our values represent the ethical principles that characterize us as members of the big family. Grupo HBAX, these principles drive us to be better every day and this is increased by knowing that what we do will give tangible benefits to many organizations and our society, through:

  • Respect for individuality and diversity.

  • Openness, honesty, trust and mutual support.

  • Environmental Protection.

  • Integrity, loyalty and rigorous ethical standards.

  • Leadership through personal example at all levels.


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HBAX Management & Consulting

Process Improvement using advanced techniques such as Six Sigma, LEAN Management & LEAN Manufacturing.

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